Fueling the Road to the Future…


Goetz Energy Corporation, founded in 1929, is a marketer of diesel, fuel oils, gasoline and other petroleum fuel products throughout a broad geographical area of western and central New York.  We also have an office and market in Florida.  Our headquarters are in Buffalo, New York.

Goetz Energy Corporation is a petroleum fuel marketer with products ranging from gasolines to residual fuel oil for utilities, railroads, transportation firms, retail and industry.  As such, we represent major refiners/producers and sell to Fortune 500 companies, as well as, local and regional companies.  Goetz Energy Corporation also imports supply from  Canadian markets and deals with most major Canadian refiners and producers.

Goetz Energy Corporation’s marketing staff has many years of combined service to energy consumers, including extensive experience with refiners, producers and retailers.The organization is strongly consumer oriented and customer dedicated. The employees of Goetz Energy Corporation are motivated to help you fulfill your fueling requirements.  

Goetz Energy Corporation is responsible, committed and comfortable to do business with.